What are Education Consulting Services?

The primary objective of education consulting services is to provide counselling and advisory services in education, particularly counselling on opportunities and alternatives for continuing education both overseas and at localinstitutions of higher learning. The Company is backed by a team of experienced and committed counsellors and support staff under the leadership of our Senior Associates.

AADHAAR CONSULTING & SERVICES – Today represents a select group of institutions in Armenia, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan. In the education consultancy field, we proudly claim to be the fastest growing educational consultancy.


To bring the knowledge & skills of an experienced professional to theeducation coupled with a commitment to assuring that the student’s bestinterests are met.

AADHAAR helps students to make the right education decisions. Our expertise in thefield of education has made us a time-tested resource in helping students to gainadmission for suitable courses in recognised universities across the world.


Our aim is to serve the society through our efforts in providing the right platform toevery individual who wants to pursue his career in excellence.

Basically, we offer services for education consultancy, advice on career and placement. These are very vital information required questions for any parent or student who is researching colleges/universities to attain the nest of education and social fitness. For the past 10 years, this is just what we have been doing.

Students and parent alike approach us to get the right path for admission. When we began our educational services, we noted most of the college admissions officers were more prone to admitting students that had the potential of maturing personally and intellectually. But, soon they expected the candidates to think maturely even before matriculation. This gave us more reasons to come into inception so we could help such students in preparing for the big lives ahead.

Aadhaar consulting and services