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Consulting Services for Professional Courses near you – Aadhaar Consulting Services

College application is the first step a candidate or student looks for when stepping into college admission process. Students look for education consultants or consulting services for professional courses and other streams after they complete their final semester/exams in school.

When a candidate/aspirant call us or drops us a query we try to help them over call and if they comply with all admission norms and are eligible, we offer free assistance.

If a candidate wants to avail our detailed education counselling services and have doubts related to colleges to choose from, cut offs, financial assistance, GD/PI related queries, placement, etc., we assign a dedicated education counsellor for them and fetch a nominal charge which is subject to individuals.

How to get admission into your dream professional colleges? / abroad?

Many of the professional colleges have their own set of requirements. The key factors that play vital role to get admission into your dream college are

  • Your grades

First important step in admission process are your grades. Any professional course admission process begins with checking your academic performance.

  • Cut off marks with respect to each college

Every professional college has its own cut off marks based on the number of applicant’s academic performance.

  • Your GD/PI performance


  • Your Expressed Interests

Your expressed interests with respect to your selected course is also a fitting factor to decide about your admission. Your interests on “Why you are interested in getting admission to particular stream/course into a particular college?”- also helps in the selection procedure of college admission.

  • Apply Early

The timing is very important when it comes to applying application into dream college. Always stay updated with the commencement of application process in top professional colleges. Submit your applications well-before the deadlines.

  • Know the quota and class

Students should know the quota and class under which he/she has to apply as there are chances of rejection if applied under wrong quota.

  • Know the entire selection procedure

A student must know the entire selection procedure of every professional college. Consult education counsellors and education consultancy services near you and get the entire assistance at ease.

Aadhar Consultancy Services assist in form filling, make you familiar with the admission process and even help in GD/PI with some mock round of discussion and preparation materials. The process involves a lot of time as well as skills of our executives.